10 Best Things to do in Iceland for the first time

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When I first arrived in Iceland, I was so amazed by how beautiful Iceland is! Iceland is an incredible country with various things to discover. In this article, I would love to share 10 Amazing things to do in Iceland for the first time. I hope you can find some inspirations to explore Iceland.

What to do in Iceland?

1. Take the road trip

With the famous Ring Road, Iceland is a popular place to do a road trip. It was my first time to rent a car and go around a country. I was traveling along the ring road from Keflavík to Southern Iceland. It was totally awesome to see how beautiful nature is, and to see the changes in the landscape along the road.


2. Hitchhike

Because Iceland is the safest country to do hitchhiking, I gave myself a try. It was very easy and simple. You just need to stand at one side, shake your hand and show a thump up. It took me less than 5 minutes to get a car there, and the experience was very nice! At first, I thought that it’s not safe to hitchhike, but Iceland’s drivers proved to me the opposite! They are very friendly and helpful. So give yourself a try if you go there.


3. Hike

Although I had visited many countries before, I didn’t do hiking. In my Iceland trip, I climb up the hills and mountains. Following the long steps, I saw many magnificent views that I couldn’t ever forget. It was totally worth the effort!


4. See the abandoned plane wreck

The feeling of seeing a plane wreck is unexplainable. After a long walk (around 3km) from the parking lot, I finally found an abandoned plane crash. It was so cool to walk inside, to see the effect of the crash and the time on the plane.


5. Live in the car

I literally lived in the car for 3 days. I ate in the car, drank in the car, slept in the car. It was so so cold to sleep in the car, especially because I didn’t bring a sleeping bag. I couldn’t sleep much because of the cold. However, it was a life experience when I could just drive everywhere I wanted and stopped at wherever I found beautiful. You can get inspired with Icelandic food list here!


6. Explore the Glacier and Iceberg in Iceland

One of the awesome things to do in Iceland is exploring the Glacier! I felt like I visited Antarctic when I saw the Iceberg and the Glacier. It was so amazing! You can even hear the sound of when the Iceberg was fallen as well.

7. Visit a volcano

Seeing a volcano was on my bucket list for a long time, and I did it when I visited Iceland! The volcano was just so huge!!!


8. Visit black sand beaches

I hadn’t known about black sand beaches until I did some research about Iceland. Because of the volcanic nature, the sand is black there. So amazing, isn’t it?


9. Observe midnight sun

It was so bright until midnight when I was there in May! The sun didn’t seem to come down. I heard that the night was even brighter from June to August. It was quite difficult for me to sleep because of the midnight sun.


10. Look through the waterfall

There’s a very special waterfall in Iceland, where you can go behind the waterfall, and look the view outside through the powerful waterfall! The view was so stunning when I got there. I watched the sunset from behind the waterfall, and it’s just beautiful as it’s like in the movie.

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  1. Jen Morrow says:

    I admit, I have done most of these activities, just not in Iceland. It looks like you had a chance to really expand your interests. Hiking is certainly addictive in any country.

  2. Bhusha says:

    Now that’s an awesome post! I haven’t been to Iceland yet but I really hope to in future. So as a first timer, this is an perfect to refer to when I plan to go! Black sand beaches and crashed airplane? Whoa! Now that’s totally crazy!

  3. Only By Land says:

    I visited Iceland earlier this year and it was one of the best and most beautiful countries I’d visited! If I saw any hitch hikers whilst taking route 1 I would have picked them up! I didn’t see the plane wreck although I could have stopped and made the 3 km walk. I wish I had now after seeing your photo!

  4. Iza (@IzaAbao) says:

    These are awesome things to do in Iceland. I can imagine how cold it was when you forgot to bring a sleeping bag. That would be a good reminder to me if ever I’d visit Iceland. I have not tried hitchhiking too but you did it in Iceland. I can assume that it is definitely a safe place.

  5. Global Girl Travels says:

    Iceland is unbelievably beautiful. You managed to tick off a few things from the Iceland bucket list. The waterfalls are unbelievably gorgeous and so are the glaciers! Your post made me miss Iceland!

  6. Ticking the Bucketlist says:

    Iceland is awesome … I saw the northern lights there! I loved the black sand beach at Vik too. Such a sad country… one can easily hitch hike!

  7. Kim Bui says:

    I didn’t know Iceland was the safest country to hitchhike in, good to know! I may try that one day. I’ll be sure to have a friend with me!

  8. sridharsalian says:

    These are all amazing tips! Iceland has been on my bucket list for forever now and my dream is to one day see the northern lights!

  9. Karin says:

    I heard Iceland is really safe – good on you for trying out hitchhiking, I have been traveling like that for years 🙂 I´d love to visit the abandoned plane one day.

  10. Yukti says:

    Very beautiful 10 amazing things you did on your first trip. I would also like to go for drive on Ring Road. The black sand looks beautiful with blue waters and volcanic rocks.

  11. Agness of Fit Travelling says:

    Iceland is my bucket list destination and I am very glad to read an amazing and inspirational post about it. Great job, Ha!


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