9 Best Things To Do At Night In Tokyo, Japan

What to do in Tokyo at night? Nightlife in Tokyo is colorful with many entertainment activities. So, if you plan to hang out after dark, check out this list of my favorite things to do at night in Tokyo below.

Join a pub crawl

No trip to Tokyo would be complete without experiencing bar hopping.

Sign up for popular tours, such as Tokyo Pub Crawl and Shinjuku Bar Hopping, if you love an epic night with drinks, fun conversations, and dancing. 

These tours stop at at least 3 bars and offer you lots of fun. In addition, you can sample delicious appetizers, such as crunchy karaage fried chicken and top-quality sake with a mouth-watering taste!

One note is you should buy a ticket online to guarantee your slot and arrive on time. 

craft beer.

Watch authentic geisha performance

Geisha is a unique cultural attraction in Japan and remains a mystery to many visitors.

Known as symbols of sophistication and perfection, geisha are Japanese women rigorously trained in traditional Japanese art.

During the tea ceremony or dinner, they mesmerize the audience with their graceful dances in traditional kimonos, their art of making tea, writing poetry, singing, and calligraphy.

To enjoy a full-fledged geisha performance, which is called geiko, you need to book exclusive private dinners in advance.

However, some places, such as Maiko Theatre and Miyako Odori, are open for visitors to watch a geisha show. 

Enjoy the view from Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Skytree, the world’s second tallest structure, is a broadcasting tower located in the Sumida district of Tokyo.

With impressive heights (350m and 450m, respectively), Tokyo Skytree Tembo Deck and Tokyo Skytree Tembo Galleria observatories offer the best chance to see the spectacular panorama of Tokyo at night.

You’ll see the glittering skyscrapers under the night sky and seeing through the transparent glass.

Book Tokyo Skytree tickets.

Tokyo Tower is also a wise choice for viewing the city from a height of 330m. Its structure is inspired by the Eiffel tower and is a symbol of Japan.

This spot opens up to 11 pm for observation of the stunning Tokyo view, so you should arrive here early to enjoy your time!

Tokyo Tower in Japan.
Tokyo tower is a symbol of this city.

Take the Shinjuku night walking tour

Taking a walking tour and exploring every nook and cranny of Shinjuku at night is an unexpectedly fun experience.

This city welcomes you with the splendor of skyscrapers and is a paradise for shopaholics.

On this tour, you’ll also pass Shinjuku Station and the famous Shinjuku Suehirotei theater. The last stop is Kabukicho, Asia’s largest entertainment and nightlife area.

One note is this will be a long hike (22.5km). So, remember to bring comfortable shoes and an umbrella in case it rains. Online ticket purchase in advance is a must because the tour is only open to a small group of guests. 

Visiting Shinjuku area is one of the best things to do at night in Tokyo, Japan.

Have fun at Tokyo Disneyland

If you are a fan of Disney movies, you definitely cannot ignore Disneyland in the list of best nightlife spots in Tokyo.

It seems to be a fairy tale in real life, as this amusement park is full of laughter and magic.

At 8 pm every night, Disneyland’s Electrical Parade Dreamlights offers massive illuminated floats based on Disney classics, including Aladdin, Cinderella, and Frozen.

Moreover, you will be truly amazed by the colorful firework performance of “Disney Light the Night,” which can be viewed at the park’s central hub.

Don’t forget to cap off magical moments and make best wishes during the firework.

Learn how to become a Ninja

You should not miss opportunities to learn what being a true Ninja is all about.

Often lasting up to an hour, this ninja class of ancient Japanese art is open to all ages and offers hands-on training on the right way of using hand-crafted weapons, shuriken throwing, and blowgun practice.

The best part will be wearing an authentic ‘ninja gi’ outfit to enter the class. You will also discover a profound appreciation for ninja principles like protecting others, community, and freedom. 

Have fun with a go-kart tour

Wanna go sightseeing in Tokyo at night but are too bored of trains or taxis? Time to have fun with a go-kart tour!

A one-hour street go-karting tour offers a chance to fall in love with the beauty of Akihabara, Asakusa, and Ueno.

All you need to do is bring your driver’s license and book your tickets. 

Due to the high speed of a kart (60km/h), you’re better off signing up for a service with a guide to ensure your safety.

Some important rules you must follow are no racing allowed and dress appropriately. It means no heels and no sandals. Moreover, it will be so much fun wearing costumes and taking heaps of photos during the tour.

Visit a Maid cafe

Tokyo Maid Cafe promises to bring a unique experience to travelers.

You will fall in love with the adorably decorated cups of coffee and desserts or eye-catching bento plates and boxes.

Besides, Maid cafe is unique thanks to its staff, who dress as maids (the iconic representation of the country’s quirky modern customs) and take care of each dish you order.

cure maid cafe tokyo japan
One of a maid cafe in Tokyo, Japan.

The way they serve will make you feel like a “master” or “lady” right here. You can even take pictures with your favorite girls, get a polaroid to take home, or watch the “maids” perform your favorite songs.

One of the most famous maid cafes in Japan is Maidreamin. This Maid cafe is open up to 11 pm daily. It is recommended to book Maidreamin tickets online in advance because it’s usually crowded.

Venture Tokyo Red Light district Kabukicho

Located in a famous red light street in Shinjuku – Tokyo, Kabukicho is often known as the town that never sleeps. 

Affirming its position as one of Japan’s most notorious entertainment areas since the 2nd war, Kabukicho provides a variety of night services such as a manga cafe, massage bars, hottest clubs, and love hotels.

It is also worth visiting the Samurai Museum and Robot restaurant here.

Also, don’t miss the dance. Every night, the dancers show their grace in bold costumes to attract guests.

You’ll see thousands of brilliant neon lights illuminating the stages with music with appealing services. 

Although Kabukicho is a fleshpot, there are some implicit laws you need to follow to be safe. Some all-night bars are run by the Japanese mafia, known for their brutality and ferocity, ready to pressure visitors.

Another thing is that all the signboards here are only in Japanese. Indeed, Kabukicho will not accept guests who can not speak Japanese, so please go along with someone who can speak Japanese or bring your translator.

FAQs about things to do at night in Tokyo

What is the nightlife like in Tokyo?

Japan’s nightlife caters to everyone’s taste. Tokyo at night has a “surreal” beauty attached to many unique activities imbued with Japanese culture, imprinted in the minds of tourists. You can play your hardest on open-air rooftop bars or enjoy your time while viewing the gorgeous panorama of the city. 

What area of Tokyo is best for nightlife?

Tokyo nightlife offers many famous destinations for parties until dawn. Among many attractive spots, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, and Shibuya are the best entertainment areas at night.

Can you walk at night in Tokyo? Is it safe to walk?

Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world, with a low crime rate and strict law enforcement. You don’t have to worry about walking alone at night thanks to 24/7 security cameras and well-trained police.
Public transportation such as taxis and trains also runs until late hours, which are always available so you can get around without having to walk far distances alone in poorly lit areas after dark.

Above are the best things to do at night in Japan. I hope you have an unforgettable experience with one of these activities!

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