8 Most Beautiful Ryokans In Hakone With Private Onsen

Hakone is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, known for its stunning natural scenery, hot springs, and traditional Japanese culture. If you’re looking for a truly luxurious experience, look no further than the beautiful ryokans in Hakone with private onsens in this travel guide.

Gora Kansuiro

Gora Kansuiro is undeniably one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan. Located in a picturesque valley near Lake Ashinoko and Mt. Fuji, Gora Kansuiro is surrounded by lush green forests and breathtaking mountain views. 

The architecture of Gora Kansuiro is traditional Japanese style, with wooden interiors and tranquil courtyards. Constructed with traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Gora Kansuiro features an elegant exterior of deep red walls and wooden features inspired by the surrounding forests. 

Gora Kansuiro is one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan.

Inside, you will find an elegantly appointed interior that blends contemporary furnishings with classic Japanese touches, such as sliding rice paper doors, tatami mats, and shoji screens.

One of the main draws of Gora Kansuiro is its private onsen – a hot spring bath made of natural volcanic rock heated with geothermal energy.

With this, you can enjoy stunning views of the mountains while soaking in your own personal hot springs tubs under the stars. 

Outdoor onsen at Gora Kansuiro ryokan in Hakone, Japan.

Finally, another special point about Gora Kannsuiro is its convenient location. This ryokan is close to famous Hakone attractions such as Gora Park and Hakone Open-Air Museum, providing a perfect base to explore.

Gora Kansuiro is one of the best places to stay in Hakone, Japan.

Hakone Suimeisou

Hakone Suimeisou is a stunning ryokan located in Gora, Hakone. It features traditional Japanese architecture, luxurious amenities, and private hot springs.

These points make this ryokan the ideal getaway for those looking to experience the beauty of Japan. 

Situated near Lake Ashi, Hakone Suimeisou provides stunning views of Mount Fuji and other nearby sights. The building itself has been carefully designed to evoke a sense of comfort and serenity through its traditional architecture.

Hakone Suimeisou is one of the best traditional Japanese inns in Hakone, Japan.

The interior of the ryokan combines modern elements with traditional features such as tatami mats and sliding doors for an even more authentic experience.

With impressive architecture featuring a modern design that also manages to preserve its traditional essence, Hakone Suimeiso stands out from other ryokans in the area.

The highlight of this ryokan has to be its various private onsens, where you can relax in the mineral-rich waters while enjoying a view of the surrounding countryside.

Open-air Onsen at Hakone Suimeisou traditional Japanese inns in Hakone, Japan.

In addition to the luxuries offered at Hakone Suimeisou, you can enjoy breakfast served in your room each morning.

Hakone Airu

Hakone Airu is an exquisite ryokan located in the picturesque area of Hakone, Japan.

The architecture of this traditional Japanese inn reflects its serene surroundings, with a beautiful wood-and-stone exterior and a warm interior featuring natural materials like bamboo and cedar. 

Its charming style celebrates traditional art and craftsmanship while incorporating modern amenities to create a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere. 

The architecture of Hakone Airu follows traditional design elements with minimalist decorations – wooden beams and paper walls are both present here.

Hakone Airu is one of the best places to stay in Hakone, Japan.

The onsen baths, however, are truly noteworthy. Private onsens allow you to enjoy your own private bathing experience while taking in spectacular views of Mount Fuji or Lake Ashinoko. 

An outdoor mineral pool is also available for those who want to try something different from a traditional onsen bath. 

Onsen at Hakone Airu ryokan in Hakone, Japan.

What makes this beautiful ryokan stand out is the combination of its convenient location and easy access to tourist attractions nearby.

You can stroll to Lake Ashinoko or Owakudani Hot Spring while you’re here or enjoy shopping at local souvenir shops and experiencing the nightlife in town.

Kijitei Hoeiso

This luxurious ryokan was built over 100 years ago and has been renovated several times to maintain its feeling of being in an old-fashioned Edo-period house.

It offers a chance to experience Japanese culture while relaxing in the beautiful surroundings of Hakone.

Kijitei Hoeiso ryokan is the perfect paradise for those who love a serene atmosphere. Situated near Kannon Fukujuin Temple and Lake Ashinoko, Kijitei Hoeiso offers spectacular countryside views.

Kijitei Hoeiso is one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan.

The architecture at Kijitei Hoeiso is unique compared to other ryokans throughout Japan.

The buildings are designed with an eye for detail—from using natural materials like wood and stone to placing traditional tatami mats throughout each room. The style is modern and timeless, creating a comfortable yet elegant atmosphere.

The highlight of Kijitei Hoeiso is undoubtedly its private onsens. These natural hot spring waters are believed to have medicinal properties that can help improve skin health and relax tired muscles.

Open-air hot spring in Kijitei Hoeiso ryokan in Hakone, Japan.

Another notable point of Kijitei Hoeiso is its exquisite Kaiseki cuisine and in-room breakfast service. You can also enjoy various activities such as horseback riding and nearby golf courses.

Onsen Guest House Tsutaya

Onsen Guest House Tsutaya is a 2-star ryokan located in the stunning natural surroundings of Hakone.

This traditional Japanese inn is well-known for its amazing architecture, peaceful location, and onsens. 

The property is situated alongside Lake Ashinoko in the foothills of Mt. Fuji, providing breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere.

The building itself is designed spectacularly with intricate details and modern touches. 

Onsen Guest House Tsutaya is one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan.

I love that the interior of the building follows suit with warm hues and cozy furniture.

The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate families or small groups of friends looking to relax after an exciting day touring the area. 

Onsen Guest House Tsutaya is one of the best Hakone ryokans in Japan.

What makes Onsen Guest House Tsutaya noteworthy is its private onsens for each room overlooking a stunning mountain valley. It is perfect for soaking away your worries after a long day exploring the area.

Masutomi Ryokan

Masutomi Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn in Hakone Yumoto, the gateway to the Hakone mountain range.

Considered one of the most beautiful ryokans in Japan, Masutomi Ryokan features an elegant design with traditional tiled roofs and picturesque garden landscapes. 

The spacious rooms boast modern amenities while still preserving classic Japanese aesthetics. You can enjoy views of Mount Fuji and Lake Ashinoko from your windows and balconies, paying homage to its location as one of Japan’s best hot springs destinations!

Masutomi Ryokan is one of the best traditional Japanese inns in Hakone, Japan.

 Its private onsen experience includes a natural spring-fed outdoor bath providing a serene experience.

The onsen also offers exquisite natural spring water, which locals have used for many years to treat ailments such as skin diseases or joint pain.

Open-air hot spring bath at Masutomi Ryokan in Hakone, Japan.

In addition, staying at this ryokan, you can take in the breathtaking view of Ōwakudani, a highly famous active volcanic mountain in Hakone.

Hakone Kyuan

Located in the Hakone mountainous area, Hakone Kyuan is a luxurious ryokan that offers an unforgettable experience.

It is known for its incredible architecture, style, and private onsen. The ryokan provides a combination of privacy and relaxation that cannot be found anywhere else.

Hakone Kyuan is where to stay in Hakone, Japan.

The ryokan’s architecture reflects the traditional Japanese style, with wooden buildings and paper windows giving it a timeless feel.

Its distinctive style blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment, creating an atmosphere of harmony between man-made structures and nature.

Hakone Kyuan is one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan.

You can enjoy spectacular views from every room in the ryokan, including private onsen baths that offer extra luxury to your stay.

Beautiful Onsen at Hakone Kyuan is one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan.

Another highlight is enjoying a private Kaiseki dinner while admiring Mount Fuji from your terrace or balcony.

Other outstanding points include proximity to famous attractions such as Hakone Kowakien Yunessun spa resort and Hakone Open-Air Museum.

Hakone Onsen Yuyado Yamanoshou

Hakone Onsen Yuyado Yamanoshou has been providing luxurious accommodations for over 60 years.

This ryokan stands out from other lodgings thanks to its unique design and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lake.

This building has been carefully crafted with a classic Japanese style while blending modern architecture and amenities.

The ryokan features traditional materials such as wood, stone, clay, and glass to reflect its surroundings in the Hakone mountains. You can also enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji from the terrace.

Hakone Onsen Yuyado Yamanoshou is one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan.

The highlight of Yuyado Yamanoshou is the dedicated private onsens for each guestroom.

Each room is designed to be an escape from reality. You will find yourself surrounded by luxurious furnishings like custom-made tatami floors, handcrafted wooden furniture, and relaxing colors inspired by nature.

Hakone Onsen Yuyado Yamanoshou is one of the best ryokans in Hakone, Japan.

Moreover, you can enjoy mouth-watering Kaiseki cuisine prepared by experienced chefs at ryokan’s in-house restaurant.

Plus, there are many activities available for you to enjoy, such as horseback riding, hot spring tours, and boat rides on Lake Ashinoko.

You can also walk to the famous Pola Museum Annex located nearby. This museum houses a fascinating collection of art from western Japan.


What is it like to stay in ryokans in Hakone?

Hakone ryokans typically have a relaxed atmosphere where you can immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy delicious meals made with seasonal ingredients. The rooms are often decorated with tatami mats, futon beds, and sliding doors, providing an inviting space for relaxation during your stay. 
Additionally, many Hakone ryokans feature outdoor hot springs where you can bathe and relax while enjoying Mount Fuji or Lake Ashi views.

How much does one night in Hakone ryokan cost?

On average, you can expect to pay around ¥20,000-¥30,000 per person at a ryokan in Hakone. This price includes accommodation, meals, and other services such as hot baths and traditional entertainment. 
Depending on the type of room or suite chosen, prices may vary significantly. Some luxury suites can cost up to ¥100,000 per night! 

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