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best things to do in Iceland

16 Best Things to do in Iceland on a budget

Iceland is a beautiful country with many places to discover. In this article, I share the best things to do in Iceland on a budget, along with tips and tricks. Get inspired to explore Iceland with our Iceland Travel Guide.   1. Taking…
expat living in Bangkok

Living in Bangkok as an expat

What is it like to live in Bangkok as an expat? In this Expat Interview, Tara shares her expat life in Bangkok, Thailand. She discusses her moving procedure, good and bad things about Bangkok, where to visit in Bangkok, cost of living in Bangkok…
things to do in Sydney on a budget

Sydney Itinerary: 4 Days Travel to Sydney on a budget

How to travel to Sydney on a budget? If you love traveling, Australia or specifically Sydney is surely on the list of the top must-visit destination. However, as you might be aware, Sydney, which is one of the most expensive cities in the world,…
expat living in Amsterdam Netherlands

Living in Amsterdam as an expat

What it's like to live in Amsterdam as an expat? In this Expat Interview, Bruna shares her expat life in Amsterdam, from the cost of living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, overcoming difficulties and culture shock, to how to prepare for moving to…
deposit scams in Copenhagen

How to deal with deposit scams in Copenhagen?

Housing scams have become a major issue in big cities, and Copenhagen is not an exception. In this article, I share my experience about deposit scams in Copenhagen, which occur after I moved out of my department. Through my story, I share…
expat living in Helsinki Finland

Moving to Finland: Living in Helsinki, Finland as an expat

Recently, Finland and Helsinki have achieved high rankings in international ratings in education, living standard and safety. While it is indeed a very good place for to live, is it as perfect for expats? What it's like to live in Helsinki,…
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