Mo Luong Cave Mai Chau Vietnam: Detailed Guide

Mo Luong cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Mai Chau, Vietnam. In this travel guide, you’ll find useful information about the cave and tips to plan your trip there.

About Mo Luong cave

Mo Luong Cave is a large cave system in the heart of Pu Kha mountain in Mai Chau, Vietnam.

The cave is more than 500 meters deep into the mountain, including the nooks and crannies.

Its width ranges from 1 meter to 30 meters. The ceiling dome has an average height of 10 meters, with the highest point being 30 meters.

This location served as a base for the Vietnamese army during the wars against the French and US. It was a gathering spot and a storage facility for weapons and explosives.

Mo Luong cave in Mai Chau, Vietnam.

The meaning of Mo Luong

In the Thai language, Mo Luong means big water source.

The cave has a water source originating from the heart of the Pu Kha mountain range. This water flows to the western field, and local people made the reservoir and named it Mo Luong lake.

How to get to Mo Luong cave

You can take a bus from Hanoi to Mai Chau, taking about 3 hours. You can check the bus tickets here.

Mo Luong cave entrance is about 10 meters from National Highway 15, close to Mai Chau town, so it is easy to find.

You can go to Mo Luong lake or from Mai Chau Lodge resort. From there, the cave entrance is about 10 meters.

Best places to stay near Mo Luong

You may explore Mo Luong cave in just one hour. However, I recommend staying in Mai Chau for two or three days and exploring the area.

Not far from the cave is Mai Chau Lodge, a trendy resort with comfortable rooms, friendly staff, and good service.

If you travel on a budget, check out Little Mai Chau homestay. The rooms have lovely views, and their homemade dinner is delicious.

Best places to stay in Mai Chau, Vietnam.

Things to see in Mo Luong cave

Mo Luong Cave is located in the limestone mountains. Through thousands of years of water erosion, the cave has a unique appearance with many multi-shaped stalactites.

The first cave

The first cave is 60m long and 16m wide, with a 20m-high ceiling dome.

The cave looks like a large living room. On both sides of the wall, each cluster of stalactites resembles decorative ceiling lights. There are a lot of bats in the cave if you visit in the autumn.

The second cave

After visiting the first cave, you can go up the staircase to the second cave.

Take extra care to avoid hitting your head or back because the second cave’s entrance is quite low and narrow.

However, passing the entrance, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the 2nd cave.

It looks even more impressive because it’s about 10m higher than the first cave. Stalactites with various shapes can be found on the wall’s two opposite faces.

How to visit Mo Luong cave

Currently, Mai Chau Lodge is in charge of managing Mo Luong cave. Therefore you’ll need to sign up for the tour there.

It is less expensive to go with a group because the cost depends on the number of visitors. You can contact the resort for the fee.

On my trip, the tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. He showed us around the cave and told us interesting information.

Tips for visiting Mo Luong

  • When visiting Mo Luong cave, you should wear sports shoes to avoid slipping.
  • You should wear long, thin, sweat-wicking clothes. You can bring a light jacket with you.
  • Also, you should not touch the stalactites to protect the cave.

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