How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a fabulous experience and an excellent investment for your future. However, it may not be easy to convince your parents to let you move abroad to study.

From the cost to worrying about whether you can adapt to the new environment, there are many things to consider, which can influence your parents’ decisions.

I also struggled to persuade my parents, but I could do it and had an amazing time in Denmark and Japan. In this article, I’d love to share my tips on how to sell it to your mom and dad.

how to convince your parents to let you study abroad tips.

Express your ideas in the early stages

Those considering applying to study overseas may find it hard to break the news to their family. However, you should do it early. 

If one day you suddenly run to your parents and express that you’d like to study abroad, they may be surprised and not prepared. 

So, talk about this topic as early as possible, about 2 or 3 years before moving overseas for your study. It gives your parents enough time to adjust their believes and opinions, also don’t feel shocked because of the news.

Furthermore, if your parents support your finance, they need enough time to consider and plan the financial capability.

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Show your seriousness about studying abroad

Don’t just approach your parents and say, “I want to study abroad.” It seems like a request than an investment.

Instead, you should research in advance and prepare to answer your parents’ questions.

Please print out the documentation or show them files on PDF with highlights. It’s easier for them to understand and also shows your determination. 

Talk about the academic benefits

If you plan to study abroad because your desired study field has not been taught in higher education in your country, or the quality of teaching in that subject is not good, explain that to parents.

Parents always want you to have the best, so this reason is compelling.

For example, let them know it’s an opportunity to try new teaching and learning methods, interact with friends from around the world, learn from different perspectives, and improve language skills.

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Show the professional opportunities

Studying abroad gives you a competitive advantage over other applicants. 

Your living abroad experience will show that you can adapt well to the new environment, have cultural knowledge, and work independently.

So, let them know that it’s good for your future job.

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Gain your parents’ trust

To convince your parents to let you study abroad, it’s important to gain their trust. 

Your parents may doubt your adaptation to a new environment or worry if you can be independent to live alone or if you’ll be safe.

Do your homework, get a part-time job, and help around the house when you can. I suggest signing up for a few self-defense courses as well. 

Promise to keep in touch 

Finally, promise them you’ll be in touch.

Many parents don’t want their children to study abroad simply because they fear being left out or losing children.

You’ll have an independent life when studying abroad, new social relationships, new passions. Therefore, your parents may be concerned whether you neglect to communicate at home, becoming more and more distant from family and loved ones.

Adding friends to your parents on Facebook, creating a family chat group on WhatsApp, making Skype appointments every weekend, sending photos to update your life regularly are ways to keep in touch. 

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