Useful Guide To Computer Games Museum Berlin, Germany

Computer Games Museum (Computerspielemuseum) is one of the most interesting museums in Berlin, Germany. It’s a great stop for those seeking an interactive tour through gaming history. Let’s embrace nostalgia and visit this unique museum on your trip.

Interesting facts about Computer Games Museum Berlin

Berlin’s Computer Games Museum first opened in 1997 until 2000. In that year, the museum closed and only maintained its website online.

The museum moved to Karl Marx Allee in 2011, which marked the start of something new.

On the outside, the structure has a soviet design, yet within are vintage Atari, Sega, and Nintendo consoles.

Race car at Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.
The Sega Rally at Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.

With more than 300 exhibits, this museum is devoted to gaming culture and its development from the early 1950s.

The museum aims to raise awareness of digital entertainment media while also assisting visitors in developing strong media literacy.

Pippin at Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Computer Games Museum ticket prices

The entrance fee to the Computer Games Museum is € 19.

With the ticket, you can play several interactive games and discover more than 300 displays spanning 70 years of computer gaming history. You’ll also see permanent and special exhibitions on a variety of topics.

Xevious at Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.
Undoubtedly one of the most significant Shoot ’em Ups ever is the Namco Classic from 1982.

Computer Games Museum opening hours and address

Here is some useful information to plan your trip to Computerspielemuseum.

  • Opening hours: Computer Games Museum opens daily from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Address: Karl-Marx-Allee 93a, 10243 Berlin.
  • Email:

Best time to visit Computerspielemuseum

The best time to visit Berlin and the exhibition is in January and February, which are relatively quiet months.

If you plan to go, weekdays are the best. You’ll have enough time to play on every arcade machine without a crowd.

Arcade at Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Things to do at Computer Games Museum Berlin

The computer games museum displays well-known and classic video games and protects the original hardware and other gaming-related artifacts.

Current advancements in the game industry, such as virtual reality, are given specific attention.

See the classics

The iconic Nimrod from 1951 and the Wall of Hardware are two more centerpieces of the displays, which you would want to stop for a while and explore.

Moreover, feel free to appreciate more than 300 exhibits and thousands more in the archive.

The PainStation and the GDR game machine Poly-Play are among the highlights. It still performed calculations using 480 vacuum tubes and is regarded as one of the first gaming computers. 

Pong machine at Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.
50 years ago, in 1972, the US company Atari released the first gaming hit in history. Pong is a tennis-like game featuring two paddles and a ball, and the goal is to defeat your opponent.

You’ll also see the Atari Pong video game system, the first Commodore home computer, the first Nintendo Game & Watch, the first generation of Gameboys, and the original PlayStation.

Donkey Kong machine at Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.
Don’t miss the Donkey Kong machine on your trip to Computerspielemuseum. Created in 1981, it follows the adventures of a gorilla named Donkey Kong and his clan.

Get hand on

You can play many classic games on authentic coin-operated machines, including Space Invaders and Asteroids

You can also gamble on arcade games in a game room decorated in an 80s style. You can pick from more than 150 movies to learn more about digital gaming culture if you’d like something less interactive.

Computer Games Museum in Berlin, Germany.
Different rooms at Computer Games Museum Berlin.

Other attractions in Berlin

After your trip, take a look at Berlin street art and murals, or visit other museums on Museum Island.

You can book Berlin Welcome Card that includes free entry to Museum Island, public transport, and discounts on several attractions.

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