4 Days travel on a budget to Sydney (Day 3)

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To me, traveling is not only getting the most for yourself, but also for other people back home. Therefore, buying some sort of souvenirs is always a MUST in our to-do-list. On the 3rd day, you can find where to go for budget shopping in Sydney. You can also find out how to spend the rest of the day viewing the Sydney from a spectacular view.

If you haven’t read about my first and second day of this trip, check them out!

Sydney Day 1 

Sydney Day 2

Summary my trip

  • Trip: Melbourne to Sydney Budget: 500 – 600AUD (flight ticket and accommodation, Adele concert ticket, eating, shopping, and transportation included)
  • Length: 3 Full days and a half day (4 nights at Hostel)
  • Requirements: Walking ability + good health conditions + Food sharing + Modest shopping + Early wake-up and late comeback
  • Places covered: Harbour area, CBD area (Shopping streets, Mary Cathedral, Sydney Tower, Queen Victoria Building, Hyde Park), The Rocks area, Royal Botanic Garden (Macquarie’s chair), Sydney Fish Market, The Star Casino, Darling Harbour, The Market City ( The paddy’s Market), The Melbourne Contemporary Museum, Harbour bridge walking (30-1 hour) Harbour night view, Manly Beach, Coogee to Bondi Beach walk ( 3-4 hours), The Rocks + the rocks Sunday market
  • Places I ate: It’s time for Thai food, Vietnamese Bread – Destination Roll, Peters Sydney Fish Market, Cafe Cre Asion, The Pancakes on The Rocks
  • The note includes my itinerary, my tips, my recommendations.
  • Good for: travel on budget, nature lovers, photos taking, eating lovers.


And now, the 3rd day of my journey begins! 

Third day

I went to the Market City which takes 10 mins walking from my hostel, so I didn’t spend money for transportation.

You can buy different souvenirs there for friends and families. Since my weight for luggage is limited, I can’t buy many things. In some shops, you may bargain to get a good price, some may not. Just try to make a deal with the sellers to see if you can get the good price.

My friend instead went to the Glebe market to see the antique stuff and then we met up near my place. We went around that area to places in CBD, near Sydney Tower, shopping arcade, Commonwealth Bank building

Here, I really recommend to go and see the Commonwealth Bank building, which is located at the street named Martin place. This is the most expensive building in Sydney and is made of all marbles and very luxurious looking.

However, the bank only opens on weekdays, so we couldn’t go inside on Saturday. It was a bit regretful. Around this area, you can find many brands stores such as Zara, Forever 21 ( which doesn’t have in Melbourne as you may surprise) …

After that, we went to “Halal Chinese noodles bar” near the George Street to have a meal.

My friend ordered a bowl of beef noodle and the portion was a lot to her to finish so I recommended ordering a smaller one, or a la carte type of food to share with friends. Then again, this eating place is optional since it is Halal food restaurant. You can easily find many different restaurants in this area such as Korean food, Thai food, or Japanese food.

After that, I went to the Melbourne Contemporary Museum and spent around 45 minutes here.

It closes at 5 pm, so you should come earlier. You might find a bit deep and hard to understand the arts but still a good experience.

Harbour bridge

I went to the north side of the Harbour Bridge by train to Milsons Point Station. From there I walked back to the Harbour area through the bridge.

 As you may know, you can spend 200$ on climbing above the bridge, but I rather save it up by walking through and see the view from the height.

Sydney Harbour from the Bridge


Harbour through Bridge

There are many people walking as well and it wasn’t arduous to walk. The view of the Harbour from the Bridge is amazing and breath-taking .

It took me roughly 30 mins ( my speed one again ) to finish walking from the north side to the other end. Then I kept continuing walking following the path to Royal Botanic Garden where I saw the whole harbor area from the height at a different angle.

Opera House under the young moon


You better cross the bridge during the sunset time, so you can see clearly the Sydney Opera House under the moonlight, and skylight of sunset. Or else, you should come to the Macquarie chair at the Royal Botanic Garden to see the view during the sunset. However, you may be aware of the closing time which is 5 pm. 

I walked about next 30 mins and then came back to the Opera House to enjoy the night view there.


It was so peaceful and romantic when sitting the bench and looking at the view. You better grab some snack and spend time there.

I went inside the Opera House to have a look and went to the famous toilet. Haha. It was beautiful and worth checking out if you may wish


Come early since it may close at 10 pm.

Sydney Opera House restroom

End of day 3

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  1. Only By Land says:

    I’m not usually into museums but the Melbourne Contemporary museum sounds interesting. Good idea staying close to your hotel on the last day, those transportation costs soon add up, especially in Australia. I love your shot of the opera house where you’ve used the bridge as a frame.

    • Expatolife says:

      I’m happy to hear that you love the picture. Staying near the accommodation is a best idea to travel on a budget because we can save up money on the transportation.

  2. valisesetgourmandises says:

    I love walking on bridges! Your story reminded me of the gorgeous Brooklyn bridge in NYC. We went there for beautiful shots of the sunset over the city. I don’t know much about Sydney to be honest, but I thought the view from the bridge over the Opera was great!
    As James said, I think you did a great job with that opera photo 🙂

  3. Melbtravel says:

    I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but have been to Sydney a few times over the years. It is always interesting to read post from Tourist to see how they visit the place. I never knew that it costs $200 to climb up the Sydney harbor bridge that is a lot, like you I rather save the money and just walk over it and enjoy the view.

  4. Chelsea Mae says:

    Haha I found this post pretty fitting for today as there’s a news story circulating about a teen who flew to the wrong Sydney (Canada instead of Australia). The contemporary museum looks like a great place to visit and so does the Opera House. I love your photos of the washroom in there – I feel like we all judge places based on how nice their washrooms are!

  5. Janine Good says:

    Your pics and info on the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House are great! Hubby is from Australia and has taken me a few times. I do enjoy the interior of the Opera House and must agree that a walk on the bridge is essential. If you haven’t already, do consider doing the Twilight Harbour Bridge climb. It is amazing.

  6. Jenn and Ed Coleman says:

    Love walking tours of Sydney. One of my first big international trips was to Sydney and we walked all around the city. Your pictures, especially the full moon over the opera house, brings back such good memories. Thank you for sharing.

  7. rhiydwi says:

    $200 AUD to climb the bridge seems pretty expensive! But the views and your pictures are incredible so I guess it’s worth it right? 😀 I quite like that you went in to look at the bathroom hahah! I do that quite often at places too, just to have a nose.

    • Trang Le says:

      Thank you for your comment. They are pictures taken from the bridge when I walked through it freely. haha. I didnt climb up to the towers because 200AUD is so expensive for me. But yeah, it can be worth somehow but make sure you climb in the good weather. A bit scared though 🙂

  8. Vicki Garside says:

    It’s sooo expensive to climb the bridge! But sounds like you made the most out of the time you had there. We also had about 3-4 days on our first visit and ran around like loonies trying to fit everything in!

  9. Rebecca (@AwayFromOffice) says:

    Thank you for sharing such a detailed itinerary. Australia is such a huge bucket list for my husband and I and we had tickets to Sydney booked last year but had to cancel two months before our trip. Hopefully we’ll get there in the next year or two.

  10. Bhushavali says:

    I’m yet to visit Australia. So thanks for this itinerary. Thanks for the tips about the best time for sight seeing as well. The Opera house under the moon looks so beautiful!


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