4 Days travel on a budget to Sydney (Day 2)

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How’s going all my traveler guru? I hope that you guys all enjoy reading my 1st day in Sydney and here I am again with the summary of my 2nd day in this lovely city. Where is the best place to have breakfast for the first morning in Sydney? Where to go in the nice and chilly weather to have another look at the harbor FREE and more important, the best place to eat for lunch time. Everything is included in “4 Days travel on a budget to Sydney Day 2  ?

Check here if you want to read about my first day in Sydney 🙂

Day 1

Summary my trip

  • Trip: Melbourne to Sydney Budget: 500 – 600AUD (flight ticket and accommodation, Adele concert ticket, eating, shopping, and transportation included)
  • Length: 3 Full days and a half day (4 nights at Hostel)
  • Requirements: Walking ability + good health conditions + Food sharing + Modest shopping + Early wake-up and late comeback
  • Places covered: Harbour area, CBD area (Shopping streets, Mary Cathedral, Sydney Tower, Queen Victoria Building, Hyde Park), The Rocks area, Royal Botanic Garden (Macquarie’s chair), Sydney Fish Market, The Star Casino, Darling Harbour, The Market City ( The paddy’s Market), The Melbourne Contemporary Museum, Harbour bridge walking (30-1 hour) Harbour night view, Manly Beach, Coogee to Bondi Beach walk ( 3-4 hours), The Rocks + the rocks Sunday market
  • Places I ate: It’s time for Thai food, Vietnamese Bread – Destination Roll, Peters Sydney Fish Market, Cafe Cre Asion, The Pancakes on The Rocks
  • The note includes my itinerary, my tips, my recommendations.
  • Good for: travel on budget, nature lovers, photos taking, eating lovers.


And now, the 2nd day of my journey begins!

Second day – Morning to 4 pm

( I went to the Adele concert so there is no plan for evening)

Waking up at 7 am, I had breakfast at a cafe called ” The Cafe Cre Asion”, which is just 5 minutes walking from my hostel.
I found this cafe with the highest reviews and ratings on Zomato app, so I gave it a try. I can say it is the most expensive breakfast that I ever had in my life. However, I think it is worth the money because the food is tasty and filling, so I didn’t feel hungry until dinner.
I ordered a “toast with peanut butter and avocados adding” and a “Carrot cake”: 16.50$ for everything. A better option is to order a scramble eggs toast and matcha latte (only 5$) because it is the most popular drink here.

“Toast with peanut butter and avocados adding” and a “Carrot cake”: 16.50$

Then, I went to the Royal Botanic Garden by train from Museum station to Circular Quay, then walk to the place.

At first, I was a bit lost since the place I wanna head to is located at a different gate, and the Garden is huge. Therefore, I needed to walk back to the main gate at Macquarie St.

My friend and I registered a free tour at the Tourist information booth in the Royal Botanic Garden at 10:30 am.

The tour took us 2 hours of walking around one little corner of the huge garden. The guide gave us much information about different kinds of trees, the history, and some fun facts.
However, you might get bored since the tour is academic and biologically oriented. I don’t really recommend if you are not interested in knowing about different plants, trees, and biology.  You can spend time at your own pace walking around the garden taking photos instead.
In the Royal Botanic Garden, you must go to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, where you can see both Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the right side. It is very nice and scenic to view from this angle.

Harbour area from Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair

Next, we want to have lunch at the Seafood Market which is the most recommended place if you are seafood lovers.

You can find a variety of fresh and affordable seafood here. It is a bit expensive when coming to seafood eating. So, be aware of your budget if you don’t want to be broke there since everything is so mouth-watering!
After going around to different restaurants in the area, we decided to buy food from the Peter’s. My friend ordered a set of Lobster combo: 42$. The portion was too much for one person. Because there is only one lobster, it is unable for me to share with her. I ordered a la carte: one chilly grilled prawn skewer, one mashed cheese oyster, and one grilled shrimp: 17.50$
Tips: Don’t order a big combo if you are unable to share it with anyone else. Better to choose a la carte to save money and try different dishes based on your own interest.
Overall, it was a fascinating experience when eating and covering your hands above the food because of the invasion of many birds flying around and start stealing your food. However, I did enjoy eating there so much. We viewed the scene of the wharf, boats, sky and birds.

After eating brunch, ( and brunches for me ), we took the train to The Star Casino to get inside a bit

The Star Casio – The 2nd largest in Australia

Both of us are not good gamblers, so we are not willing to play any lots there. You should bring your passport or personal identification to be checked at the entrance.

We went inside around 10 mins, then went back and headed to the Darling Harbour on foot. ( 20 minutes in normal – lazy pace).

Darling Harbour

On the way, there are many benched so you can rest. The scenery is beautiful and worth taking pictures.

After that, we walked back to the Central area, where I took the train to go to the concert ANZ Stadium to enjoy Adele concert.

My friend instead went to “KOI dessert restaurant” which is a place of fine dining with very high rates of fancy eating. You might be aware of your budget if you want to spend money on eating at this restaurant. It can cost you around 60-70$ for a set of 3 different kinds of deserts.

I myself don’t really recommend it for those who are not into fine dining and not willing to overspend the budget. Another option for dessert restaurant for sweet-tooth people is: “One tea lounge grill” if you like Matcha and Japanese dessert. I haven’t tried the food there but one of my friends did and she rated it very high. You can check it out.

End of day 2

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24 replies
  1. aneesharai says:

    I really liked that you outline everything before your post is done. It’s quite helpful. The seafood at the fish market looks epic!

  2. traveltorgeir says:

    Seems like youa made the most of your trip to Sydney without blowing your budget. That is always hard for me, I always spend too much 🙂

    The Lobster sounds delicious, even if you have to protect it from birds!

  3. Only By Land says:

    Wherever you go in the world these days there’s a high chance of hearing an Adele track at some point. Being an Adele fan like yourself, this is a good thing. The view of Sydney from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic garden is amazing, I must go there when I visit Sydney.

  4. rhiydwi says:

    I’m so jealous you went to see Adele! And in Sydney of all places!
    That carrot cake looks really good but I’m hugely anti-avocado so probably would have gone for the scrambled eggs like you suggest 😛 I really like how detailed you’ve made your post and will definitely come back for reference if I visit Sydney!

    • Expatolife says:

      I’m glad that you love the post. And yes, Adele concert was really fascinating! I hope you enjoyed reading the first day and also, stay tuned for next posts on Sydney trip 🙂

  5. Traveling Well For Less says:

    Great job on saving money on your Sydney trip. Everyone says it’s so expensive, but like you, we found it can be done for cheap. Nice tip on ordering a la carte at the Sydney Fish Market. I’ll have to remember that for the next time we’re in Sydney.

  6. Michaela Harrison says:

    Great list of attractions to see and great photos! The lobster combo looks yummy and I would to more of Darling Harbour one day. Great post thanks for sharing

  7. Janine Good says:

    I have been to Sydney twice and love it so much. As my hubby is from there, he tends to take me to all the nice places. I love seeing the harbour and opera house from MacQuarie’s Chair. It makes a great photo opp. Darling Harbour is also quite lovely. When we go we usually stay near there. The last time I was there we headed to Mme Tussauds which is right there 🙂

  8. Isabel says:

    What a fun-filled day! Your toast at The cafe Cre Ansion looks especially appetizing. Love Australia for their cafes. I wrote a post about the cafes you can’t miss in Sydney too!

  9. Kathy - Walkabout Wanderer says:

    I did find it difficult to travel in Sydney on a budget. But you have shown it is possible.
    I have never thought of having peanut butter and Avocado together on toast. I will have to try it sometime. The Royal Botanic gardens look like a lovely place to have a wander.

  10. Migrating Miss says:

    I love Sydney! It’s been so long since I was there and this post brought back great memories! It’s definitely possible to do on a budget, even though people think it’s a really expensive place.

  11. Kyntra Strickland says:

    Your post is so helpful! I love seafood so a fish market sounds delightful. I can’t wait until we go to Australia, thanks for sharing!


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