Australia Adventure

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4 Days travel on a budget to Sydney (Day 4)

Hello all my lovely friends, thank you for following my series of travel on a budget to Sydney. I felt very missing Sydney when coming to the last day, so I dedicated the whole day enjoying it. As you know Sunday is the best day to travel in Sydney due to the weekend cap: 2.5$ […]

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4 Days travel on a budget to Sydney (Day 3)

To me, traveling is not only getting the most for yourself, but also for other people back home. Therefore, buying some sort of souvenirs is always a MUST in our to-do-list. On the 3rd day, you can find where to go for budget shopping in Sydney. You can also find out how to spend the […]

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4 Days travel on a budget to Sydney (Day 2)

How’s going all my traveler guru? I hope that you guys all enjoy reading my 1st day in Sydney and here I am again with the summary of my 2nd day in this lovely city. Where is the best place to have breakfast for the first morning in Sydney? Where to go in the nice and […]

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4 Days travel on a budget to Sydney (Day 1)

If you are a travelholic, Australia or specifically Sydney is surely always on the list of the top must-come-destination! However, as you might be aware, Sydney, which is one of the most expensive cities in the world, can deter you from getting the most of this lovely city. So, how can you still enjoy the beauty […]

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